1960 - The beginning of a long career.
Throughout these years, Don José Félix Priore, like many entrepreneurs of that era, worked indepentently with a small lathe in the back yard of his house in Ramos Mejía. Born in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, the prosperity of the '60s and early '70s caused his work to be fruitful. As a result, he was able to develop a workshop with more than thirty employees and various pieces of machinery.

1974 - The city of Chivilcoy.
Establishing the business in Chivilcoy was one of their many desires from the beginning. Their great effort helped them fulfill this desire. As a result, in 1974, Don Félix Priore settled in this vigorous and dynamic city with his family and continued what he had begun 14 years earlier. That same year, Raúl Priore, the current director, joined the company. His goal would be to initiate the change to CNC technology.

1983 - The change of command.
At a very young age, Don José Félix Priore passed away, leaving behind an accumulation of priceless experience and the restless desire to constantly improve. The company pushed forward with the same drive and with the support of the young personnel, capitalizing on the experience acquired and imitating the founder's achievements.

1996 - Incorporation of CNC technology.
Faithful to our spirit of innovation, we incorporated the first numerically controlled lathe of the region. This not only extends our commercial horizons, but also gives direction and makes us a technological point of reference for the other companies in the region.

2004 - Integration into the IDAM.
In this year that we joined the Industrial District of Agricultural Machinery (IDAM) of the western part of the province of Buenos Aires. The IDAM is an associate business group supported by the INTI, the National Labor Department and the Department of Production of the province of Buenos Aires, among others. With more than twenty participating businesses, the group's primary purpose is to complement commercial benefits and opportunities within agricultural industry.

2007 - The development of our line of agroparts.
In that year, we followed through with our objective of growth by developing our current line of agroparts for seeders. Without neglecting our strategic service of machining operations to various industries, we were able to release to the market a complete line of replacement parts for the country's most notable seeder brands. Since that time, our catalog of agroparts and the development of our custom made pieces has not stopped growing.

Today, we are proud to have served some clients for over 25 years. We are also proud to be gaining new clients constantly, some from abroad. We offer you a warm welcome and express our desire that your project be completed with our usual good quality.

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